Enterprise-wide overview

Various divisions and departments in organizations create, copy, distribute and collect information both in written and electronic form. But not all information, e.g. advertisements that accompany incoming mail every morning, represents contents of relevance to an organization.
Other information, such as a personnel file, is business-critical and needs to be accurately reviewed and securely retained.

To further simplify and accelerate business processes, data-processing systems are increasingly used in various enterprises. This involves setting up e-mail systems for worldwide communication, while enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enable making optimum use of existing capacities in an enterprise, and manage them.

The quantity of these different types of information is a great challenge to enterprises. The products and solutions from EASY SOFTWARE can give a future-proof guarantee that all important and relevant information on a business process can be quickly retrieved via a central entry-point, and be conveniently made available across departments.

  • Market-leading ECM solution
  • Maximum failover through intelligent clustering
  • Optimized workflows
  • Simplified communication with third-party systems and convenient archive integration
  • Transparent processing

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