( CRM ) Customer Relationship Management Software

It is critical that any employee that directly deals with your customers and prospects have access to all past contact information with that account. To do this you need a CRM solution that can track phone calls, email and sales calls. If your business applications are on IBM I Series or AS400 platform this is the solution that can give all of your customers-facing employees that insight. During hard times you don’t want your staff duplicating actions to entice prospects.

This software can give you a complete view of all contact with customers and prospects so you can improve your customer service and keep those accounts while closing more prospects.


  • Seamless Integration in Real Time
  • No Middleware
  • Use Existing Expertise to Implement and maintain the CRM Application
  • Use Security of System I to protect your data
  • Faster Implementation
  • Less Overall Cost.

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Please mention the ERP system you are using or in-house software.