2KSmart Center
Allows the user to consolidate multiple applications all within one browser session.
Financial Management
Excellent reporting features, plus custom designed financial reports.
Manufacturing Management
Cost effective solutions that minimize costs, maximize profitability, and more.
Distribution Management
Manage the supply chain, enterprise resources, and more.
Retail Management
A complete solution for the retail industry.

Service and Repair
Record and track service and repair calls through stages.

Rental Management
Covers all aspects of a rental business. Reservations and more.

Route Management
Managing routes & stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions.

Ideal for small businesses looking to quickly start selling on-line.

S2K Analytics
Gain more value from your enterprise data with dynamic dashboards and reports.

S2K Enterprise Portal
Provides secure, flexible web-based access to your enterprise data and more.

S2K Warehouse Management
Enables end-to-end tracking of goods through your facility.

S2K Sales Force (CRM)
Drive new business and help your sales team make the most of their calls.
S2K Mobile
Apps that provide both connected and disconnected transaction processing capabilities.

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