Constant changes in the pharmaceutical industry are forcing companies to continue to find new modes of technology that will improve monitoring and collecting data for reporting to drug enforcement agencies, technologies to overcome IP and security issues, technologies to improve employee productivity, and technologies that will engage customers and provide a high level of customer service.

With the right technology, you can improve operational processes, create efficiencies throughout the organization, expand relationships with suppliers, and continually improve customer satisfaction. VAI S2K Pharma is a complete out-of-the-box solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Product Overview

ARCOS Reporting

DEA 222 Controls

DEA Suspicious Orders

CSOS Interface

Auto Shipments

Item Substitutions

Item Type Control

Customer Item Control

Institutional Item Control

Hamacher Retail Pricing Interface

Item Setup – Multiple Barcodes

Rebates and Allowances

RF & Voice Picking

Tote Tracking

Brand/Generic Items

Lot & Date Tracking

Recall Reporting

Material Issue Tracking

Performance Dashboards

Customizable Reports

Sales Force Automation

…and much more!

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